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The ONE is a set of high-end activity execution, The annual meeting of The party, material production, equipment leasing, production, space design, enterprise VI, CI design, spray printing, commercial performances, advertising production, outdoor lighting engineering, graphic design, packaging design,, stage lighting sound engineering is an integrated cultural creative services.

An open marketing platform, focusing on the execution of offline activities. After five years of development, it is now headquartered in guangzhou and has set up branches in Hong Kong, guangzhou, shenzhen and Shanghai. Over the years, the company has always been committed to providing excellent one-stop service for leading brands in various industries, and has accumulated rich experience in cross-industry operation. Our advantage lies in the ability to accurately grasp customer needs, save customer budget for consideration and team creative thinking, visual level, careful responsibility of the successful mode. For new and old customers, we have become the industry's most mature, the most reliable service guarantee!

Experience is the guarantee of quality works, talent is the cornerstone of the company's development. The company has gathered a number of industry elite professional team, successfully held a number of activities, the majority of enterprise customers recognized and loved.

In the future, we will make greater and stronger efforts, continue to provide customized brand value-added services for customers, and create leading solutions to interpret the values and sense of responsibility of the art industry.

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National customer service hotline: 020-22043811

Contact person: Mr. Luo

HongKong: +852 6884 2287

Phone: 13825038381

Telephone: 13631486151

E-mail: yihaoexhibitionservicecoltd@gmail.com

Website: www.yihaozhanlan.com

Address:   ① 3909, block A, building 1, pazhou commercial plaza, xingangdong road, haizhu district, guangzhou

② Yau Tong Industrial City , No.17 Ko Fai Road Yau Tong , Kowloon , Hong Kong

Online customer service one (QQ ) : 2514403024

Online customer service two (QQ ) : 3238088245

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GuangZhou office address: 3909, Block A, Building 1, Pazhou Commercial Plaza, Xingangdong Road, Haizhu District, Guangzhou City

Customer Service Hotline: 020-22043811

Hong Kong Office address: Yau Tong Industrial City , No.17 Ko Fai Road Yau Tong , Kowloon , Hong Kong

Hong Kong Service Hotline: +852 6884 2287